What services can I provide for you?

Healthcare Advocacy ServicesAn extensive client needs assessment will determine which services are appropriate for the client and, when appropriate, out-of-town adult children:

  • Assisting navigation of the health care system;
  • Facilitating shared decision making – adult children, client, and providers making individualized health care decisions together;
  • Maintaining communications among the adult child, client, and providers;
  • Preparing for appointments, accompanying to appointments, and following up;
  • Reviewing medications for compliance with prescriptions;
  • Reviewing and discussing healthcare records for coordination of care;
  • Exploring treatment options;
  • Identifying and making appropriate resource referrals;
  • Arranging for transportation;
  • Providing hospital inpatient liaison;
  • Coordinating transitions of care;
  • Facilitating advance care planning including Advance Directives and Medical Durable Power of Attorney;
  • Arranging for elder care;
  • Assisting with aging in place modifications to residence;
  • Helping to locate appropriate activities to enhance quality of life;
  • Offering palliative care and hospice consulting;
  • Helping family members come to agreement on difficult healthcare decisions;
  • Acting as Advocate liaison for Medical Tourism into and out of the Durango area, using the International Medical Tourism Chamber of Commerce model for advocacy, aftercare, and accountability through coordination with the site of care.